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Woman cuts off husband’s penis because he filed for divorce; CBS show “The Talk” hosts laugh their asses off about it
(footage starts at 4:50; skip there if you don’t care about the uploader’s commentary, although I advise you to listen to it)

This is the state of contemporary media. Any harm, no matter how grievous and severe, visited upon a man for any reason immediately becomes funny. Yet if the tables were turned, it would be collectively seen as the most heinous crime in history, feminists would be yelling about “male violence” and how The Patriarchy glorifies abuse of women.

It’s high time to show that it’s no less acceptable than it would be the other way around. You can file a complaint to CBS HERE. (From the drop-down menu, choose “Daytime - The Talk”.) The hosts should be held responsible for the blatant, near-sociopathic misandry they exhibited. Firing them is the LEAST CBS should do, for people who think so gleefully of the mutilation of a man have no place in the media.

P.S.: I’d like to see any of you feminist bastards claim media favors men after all this.

Posted 1 year ago
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    1.) True. 2.) True. 3.) True, but that doesn’t excuse mutilation. 4.) Show me a single example of the mutilation of...
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    1) No one deserves to have this attack, or any attack, happen to them. 2) Having an attack glorified is horrible and...
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    Every once and a while, i just like to point these kinds of things out.
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    I’d like to also bring this up: there’s a motherfucking penile amputation epidemic in Thailand. Scorned wives routinely...
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    Some of the media are good. However American media sound like… ugh I don’t even. Fuck you CBS.
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    sorry if i wasn’t clear, but I was specifically referring to your quote about “feminist bastards” and claiming that we...
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    The world has no empathy for males. That’s the short form of it. If a man hurts, or is maimed, or killed, it’s not...
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    A dude got his genitals mutilated and here you are concerned because the word cunt was used. What the actual fuck is...
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    Wow, Sharon, you fucker. DOES it depend on the circumstances? Hell no. Is it EVER acceptable to file for divorce for...
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